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Brand Policy

The BFV creates added value for its fruit through its brands. We guarantee a healthy, hygienic and safe product for the consumer to eat with implicit trust. This is in part because our fruit is so delicious and produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. However, it is also because our associates have grown the product as a labour of love and that is the result that you see. Each brand is a synthesis of these general values and a number of extremely specific values.

Truval logo
TRUVAL: top of the heap in Belgium

Only the very best fruit (apples, pears, strawberries, berries and cherries), amounting to some 20 to 25% of the supply, merits the name TRUVAL. Thus especially stringent conditions are enforced before the product may bear that name. The indisputable leading position that TRUVAL has held since its foundation in 1995 clearly proves the confidence that Belgian consumers have in it.


  • Only the top classes 
  • Only the fruit diameters of greatest commercial interest
  • For bi-coloured fruits: at least 50% red bloom on an extremely green base colour
  • Minimum firmness (e.g. Jonagold 6 kg/cm2 & Conférence: minimum 5,5 kg/0,5 cm2)
  • Sugar content: min. 13% brix (Jonagold, Jonagored, Conférence)
  • Guaranteed traceability: crate label with the name and number of the producer and all other productinformation
  • Shipping: only at the BFV


Sira logo
SIRA: a class product

Beside or just under TRUVAL, we place our second label SIRA, that guarantees a constant reliable product. SIRA is placed between the extra quality of TRUVAL and the regular standard quality of the blue crate label. SIRA must comply to classes A1++S or A2++S and meet the following specific requirements.


  • Only classes A1++S or A2++S for apples and pears.
  • Conférence A1++S or A2++S when packed loose: arranged in the crate by hand in rows.
  • For bi-coloured fruit: at least 40% red bloom on an extremely green base colour.
  • Minimum firmness: apples 5,5kg/cm2, Conférence 5,5 kg/0,5 cm2 
  • Sugar content: 12% brix.
  • Guaranteed traceability: crate label with the number of the producer and all other productinformation.


BFV logo

BFV: the blue crate label

Fruit and vegetables that comply with the already strict statutory requirements but that does not meet with the additional requirements of the brands TRUVAL, SIRA and MEGATRUVAL, can be supplied as a generic product under the BFV label.


  • Must be class 1.
  • All fruit and vegetables that do not comply with the requirements for TRUVAL, SIRA, MEGATRUVAL and VEGIETRUVAL.
  • Fruit diameter 65/70 up to 90/95.
  • Minimum firmness: 4,5kg/cm2 (apples).
  • Guaranteed traceability: crate label with number of the producer and all other productinformation

BFV logo

BFV: Class II

  • Fruit of lesser quality
  • The fl esh should be free of serious defects
  • Limited deviations in shape, development, colour and skin quality are allowed.




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