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About BFV

Market leader in Belgium
and trendsetter in Europe
We didn’t grow by chance

The BFV is a co-operative of 1200 fruit growers.
GLOBALGAP is the standard terms and conditions. Both small as well as large volumes
that meet the GAP standards are 100% traceable and food safe.

Leader in: Jonagold - Jonagored - Conférence - Cherries

Our products:

  • Apples: Jonagold - Jonagored - Golden Reinders - Boskoop - Braeburn - Pinova
  • New varieties: Joly Red - Belgica - Greenstar 
  • Pears: Conférence - Doyenné du Comice - Durondeau - Alexander Lucas
  • New variety: Sweet Sensation
  • Strawberries: Elsanta - Darselect
  • New varieties: Charlotte - Clery - Portola
  • Cherries: (strong increase in quantity available) Kordia - Lapins - Regina - Sweetheart
  • Berries

Trump cards:

  • Our own highly flexible packaging lines
  • Fruit available in every different packaging (pallet boxes - cases - small packs)
  • All divisions are BRC, IFS and QS certificated

A collaboration that bears fruit

The Belgian Fruit Auction (Belgische Fruitveiling/BFV) has seen enormous growth since its foundation in 1990 right up to the present day. This has come about through us joining forces with more than 1,200 fruit growers while managing costs meticulously. In addition to this, we operate a dynamic commercial strategy and invest in the best state-of-the-art equipment for cooling, pre-sorting, packing and sales systems. This enables us to offer you a flexible service, products of consummate quality and especially competitive prices. These factors all go towards creating healthy stimuli for your growth. The results that we have achieved also make an impact: the Belgian Fruit Auction (Belgische Fruitveiling/BFV) occupies the premier position in the Belgian fruit market with a market share of more than 50%. Approximately 60% of the products supplied from the whole country by us end up as exports.

A super-modern company with robust branches

Our headquarters have been firmly planted in Sint-Truiden, in the province of Limburg. This is not by chance since the area surrounding Sint-Truiden is one of the most concentrated and specialised fruit-growing regions in Europe. It is in Sint-Truiden that we have centred our transport, marketing, packing and administration. Our branch in Glabbeek is responsible for supply, refrigeration and shipping. We have housed our ultramodern pre-sorting and refrigeration complex in Zoutleeuw and we also keep our products perfectly chilled in Hannuit.

At the beginning of February 2010 the Belgische Fruitveiling (BFV, Belgian Fruit Auction) took over the former Veiling Profruco in Vrasene. This merger enabled BFV to strengthen its position as market leader in Belgium. The annual pear production increased to 120 million kilos. This means that more than 53% of all Belgian pears are sold by BFV. The central location of our division in Waasland, at the heart of the golden economic triangle of Belgium (Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels), right next to the E17 just a stone’s throw from the ports of Antwerp, Ghent, Vlissingen and Rotterdam, offers purchasers and fruitgrowers a multitude of logistics advantages and is a commercial asset for the Belgische Fruitveiling.

And the reason why we call ourselves Belgian? That is because we not only work together with growers from Limburg but also from all the other important areas of production in Belgium, including Hageland, Waasland and Haspengouw.

Sint-Truiden   Glabbeek   Zoutleeuw
St.Truiden   Glabbeek   Zoutleeuw



Hannuit   Vrasene

How we have grown

In 1952 the Sint-Truidense Fruitcentrale was founded, a cooperative association with 34 members and an annual turnover of € 329,698. Its turnover witnessed explosive growth between 1981 and 1989, increasing from € 10,436,317 to € 47,099,769. The Hageland Auction was established in 1946 in Brabant, a fruit market that later merged with the Hasselt Auction vegetable market to become the Demerland Auction. This merger was disbanded in 1987 but the branch in Glabbeek continued to operate under the Demerland Auction name. In 1989 it registered a sizeable annual turnover of € 20 million. In 1990, the Sint-Truidense Fruitcentrale and the Demerland Auction joined their forces to form a new company: the Belgian Fruit Auction (Belgische Fruitveiling/BFV). This was a merger that bore fruit from the very outset.

BFV in numbers

The Belgische Fruitveiling cvba (BFV) is the largest Belgian cooperation of fruitgrowers, with a market share of 50%. Our cooperation works together with more than 1200 members from all the important areas of production in Belgium. Our headquarters have been firmly planted in Sint-Truiden, one of the most concentrated and specialised fruitgrowing regions in Europe. Our divisions in Glabbeek and Vrasene are responsible for supply, preservation and shipping. We have housed our ultramodern pre-sorting and preservation complex in Zoutleeuw and we also keep our products perfectly chilled in Hannut. Our main products are apples, pears, strawberries and cherries. Besides that, we also offer a complete range of berries. Hereafter you will find our latest supply and turnover figures.


The BFV’s mission statement

  1. To create sustained revenue for its member producers by marketing their products in the most appropriate trading channels.
  2. To guarantee customer satisfaction.
  3. To innovate with financial prudence.
  4. To keep the input of all employees up to standard.
  5. To comply strictly with all ethical standards and statutory directives with respect to food safety and the environment.

Montenakenweg 800
3800 Sint-Truiden - Belgium
T: +32 (0)11 69 34 11
F: +32 (0)11 68 54 60




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